how does plant and animal cell different from each other?

how does plant and animal cell different from each other?


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The cell wall is present in a plant cell but absent in an animal cell. Animal cells rely on a skeletal structure to contain and give form to the animal`s collection of cells. Contrariwise, a plant benefits from the built-in structure of each cell`s wall. The plant cell wall provides the rigidity to hold the plant upright and give it its form.Plant cells contain chloroplasts, while animal cells do not. Chloroplasts aid a plant in the production of food sugars through photosynthesis. Plants derive nutrients from the air and soil to synthesize sugars using solar energy. Thus, plants are called producers on the food chain. Animals instead rely upon the producers to manufacture food and plant material that the animals may then eat and acquire their energy.
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The major differences between the structure of animal and plant cells are tabulated below-

Sl.No Plant Cell Animal Cell
Cell: size and shape Plant cell have fixed and rectangular shape. The animal cell is irregular and round in shape.
Cell wall A cell wall is present A cell wall is absent
Plasma membrane Present Present
Endoplasmic reticulum Are present Are present
Nucleus Are present and lies on one side of the cell. Are present and lies in center of the cell
Lysosomes Are present but are very rare Are present
Centrosomes Are absent Are present
Golgi apparatus Are present Are present
Cytoplasm Are present Are present
Ribosome Present Present
Plastids Are present with chloroplast in them. Plastids are absent
Essential nutrients The plant cell can synthesize amino acids, vitamins and coenzymes which are required by them The animal cell cannot synthesize amino acids, vitamins, and coenzymes which are required by them
Vacuoles Usually large and few central vacuoles Usually small and numerous central vacuoles
Cilia Are absent Most of the animal cells consist of cilia in them
Mitochondria Are present and are fewer. Are present and are numerous.
Ribosomes Are present Are present
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presence of cell wall , presence of lysosomes,position of the nucleus,presence of plastids etcetra.........................................

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