Give two examples of periodic motion.

Give two examples of periodic motion.

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askIITians Faculty 33 Points
9 years ago
Motion of a pendulum and vibrating spring.

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Dinesh Sajnani
AskIITians Faculty
733 Points
8 years ago
bouncing basketball, a swinging tire swing, a metronome or a planet in its orbit are examples of periodic motion.
Ritika Das
105 Points
6 years ago
A rocking chair, a vibrating tuning fork, a bouncing ball, a swing in motion, the wave produced by a water body, the Earth in its orbit around the Sun are all examples of periodic motion.
105 Points
6 years ago
Some of the periodic motions are as follows likeOscillating of pendulumShm of spring/spring block system
Harshit Panwar
108 Points
6 years ago
Vibrations of a tuning fork, heart beat, ceiling fan, pendulum, guitar strings are the examples of periodic motion.
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5 years ago
Examples of Periodic motion are Motion of The earth around the sun, To and Fro motion of the bob of the pendulum, Heartbeat, A swing swinging, Movement of Celing Fan, Vibration of Guitar’s or Violins’s Strings.

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