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11. Name the part of plant which produces food. Name the process.

11. Name the part of plant which produces food. Name the process.

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 8741 Points
one month ago
Leaves produce food through a process called as Photosynthesis.
Saatvik Banerjee
34 Points
25 days ago
The part of the plant that produces/makes food is leaf. The roots absorb mineral salts and water from the soil and take them to the leaf. The leaf also takes in carbon dioxide. The leaf cannot just make food with this so they have the chlorophyll in them(a green pigment) and they use sunlight (absorbed by the chlorophyll) and with this they make the food i.e. Glucose. The name of this process is photosynthesis. During this process oxygen is released. Thus, we write the chemical equation of photosynthesis as – 6CO2+6H2O = C6H12O6 + O2. This glucose is then stored converted and stored as starch.

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