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what is the formula for glucose? kindly let me know as soon as possible

what is the formula for glucose? kindly let me know as soon as possible


13 Answers

11 Points
4 years ago
glucose molecule has 6carbon atoms,12 hydrogen atoms & 6 oxygen atoms.
glucose in the energy giving substance
Ritika Das
105 Points
4 years ago
The molecular formula for glucose is written as follows : – 
C6H12O6 . It would be helpful for your biology or chemistry examinations!
Agastya Varma
46 Points
4 years ago
The molecular formula of glucose is C6H12O6. This means that one mole of glucose contains 6 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms, 6 oxygen atoms. If u don't know what a mole is, mole is 6.022 X 1023 molecules. It is same like dozen( which is 12 particles) or a score (which is 20 particles).
Hope u got some extra info.  
98 Points
3 years ago
C6H1206 cheers
39 Points
3 years ago
Dear student, generally everyone gets confused between formula of glucose and sugar.But they are different .Glucose molecular formula is C6H12O6
111 Points
3 years ago
Formula of Glucose is = C6H1206 which means 6 Carbon atoms, 12 Hydrogen atoms and 6 Oxygen atoms.It is a simmple carbohydrate.
Om Raga Datta
111 Points
3 years ago
Dear student 
The formula of Glucose is C6H12O
I hope this answer helps you
With regards 
A fellow student
dolly bhatia
200 Points
3 years ago
Glucose is a simple sugar with molecular formula C6H12O6. With six carbon atoms, it is classed as a hexose, a subcategory of the monosaccharides.
15 Points
3 years ago
formula of glucose is C6H12O6. Which means 6 atoms of carbon, 12 atoms of hydrogen and 6 atoms of oxygen
Soma Mesh
62 Points
3 years ago
Formula for glucose is C6H12O6. It means it is found under different conditio.I hope you got your answer.
17 Points
3 years ago
The formula for gulcose is C6H12O6.
Which means gulcose contains 6 carbon atoms,12 hydrogen atoms, and 6 oxygen atoms.
I hope this answer helps u.
Sai Soumya
99 Points
2 years ago
Dear Student ,
the formula for glucose is C6H12O6 .Fructiose also has the same formula that of glucose .
Hope this helps you .
Have a good day .
Sayantan Garai
117 Points
2 years ago
Molecular formula of glucose is:
It can be further written as:

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