how to reviese my maths chapter 1 knowing our numbers

how to reviese my maths chapter 1 knowing our numbers


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Aravind Achari
askIITians Faculty 24 Points
5 years ago
Practise each and every question from multiple book whether the question is easy or difficult. This will take you towards perfection. Because practising maths is like an art the more you do it the more you learn it. You can also enroll with askiitians foundation course and we will help you in revision of the chapter as well as other chapters.
madhuri kumari
38 Points
5 years ago
you schould read well if your weak you schould try more and much how can you do if you dont know any answer you schould try more that question if you find any timeyou schould try in moring because in morning you will be not disturbed may this help in your maths chapter and write some more questitons
70 Points
4 years ago
You should make notes for that after studying it properly and practicing is best way of revising maths. Start soving question from the sokved book slove examples...
98 Points
4 years ago
to start from an elementary level i trust BYJU’S The learning app.
39 Points
4 years ago
Don`t waste more time on that chapter .Just solve the question which are difficult and move on to next chapters.All the best dear!
sudarsan R
38 Points
4 years ago
Listen the class and practice your math book,
13 Points
4 years ago
practising daily may help you uyou may use rd saharma and rs aggarwal  these are very good books  . all these are resources but the most essential point is that you need to be more concentrated and determined to learn.

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