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Grade: 6
4ab5 is a four digit number divisible by 55 where a, b are unknown digits. Then b – a is :
3 years ago

Answers : (2)

Sourabh Singh
IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty
2104 Points
It is very easy as he number given is a multiple of 11*5 so it must follow he divsibility rule of 11 and 5

use that and you will get the relation in a and b which will give you answer
3 years ago
Yuvraj Singh
42 Points
We know in the no. 4ab5 last digit is 5 so its divisible by 5.
Its divisible by 11 also if its divisible by 11 then the sum of its odd and even terms must be divisible by
4+b-(a+5)=a no. Divisible by 11.
b-a=(a no. Divisible by 11 ) +1.
now since b and a are single digit no. so 0 is the only no. which satisfies the equation. So the answer is 1.
2 years ago
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