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Why should we conserve forests and wildlife? Why should we conserve forests and wildlife?

 Why should we conserve forests and wildlife?
 Why should we conserve forests and wildlife?


2 Answers

Harshit Singh
askIITians Faculty 5965 Points
one year ago
Dear Student

Conservation of forest is important as forest is useful to us in many ways:
(i) Provides raw material for timber industry.
(ii) Prevents soil erosion and flood.
(iii) Provides medicines, herbs, gum, resin.
(iv) Provides habitat to many animals.
(v) Maintain water-cycle by bringing rain fall.
Wildlife conservation is important because:
(i) It maintains ecological balance in nature.
(ii) It also maintains the forests by facilitating growth of plants in different places by dispersing seeds.
(iii) By grazing grass it also maintains the soil fertility.
(iv) It also helps in cleaning of forest.

31 Points
one year ago
Dear student forest and Wildlife are one of the most important part of our ecosystem and following are the reasons that tells us why should we conserve Forest and Wildlife 
1)Forest provides us lot of things.
2)Wildlife maintains ecosystem. 
3)Forest also maintains ecological balance in the environment. 
4)Wood obtain from forest can used for many purposes .
5)Forest and Wildlife give nature a beauty

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