Why is Distilled Water used in Batteries?

Why is Distilled Water used in Batteries?


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Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
8 years ago

Because the lack of minerals in distilled water is superior to tap water. Minerals in tap water tend to adhere to the lead plates in the battery, thereby shortening a car battery's life. This is why distilled water is reccomended and tap water is discouraged when it comes to servicing batteries.
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sunil kr
askIITian faculty
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8 years ago
Use only distilled, deionized or demineralized water to replace the lost water in batteries because using tap or reverse osmosis water from residential systems can produce calcium or magnesium sulfate crystals that can fill the pores and coat the plates. In an emergency, use rain water because rain water does not contain calcium or magnesium. Add Only PURE Distilled Water To The Battery: When you need to add liquid to your battery`s electrolyte solution, only add pure, distilled water. Adding anything other than pure distilled water to the electrolyte will introduce impurities that will cause adverse chemical reactions and interfere with the normal functioning of the battery.

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