Why is an equitable distribution of resources essential in society? List two forces that are against such distribution.

Why is an equitable distribution of resources essential in society? List two forces that are against such distribution.

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Hint: Equitable distribution of the resources involves allowing the natural resources to be distributed equally to each section of the society rather than accumulating the resources in the hand of few persons. Complete answer: • Anything available in nature that can be utilized by humans for different purposes is termed as a resource. Air, fossil fuels, forests, water, and metals are all examples of resources. • Resources are of two types – natural resources and man-made or artificial resources. Resources available in nature like air, water, soil are natural resources. Resources made by humans using vehicles, machines, equipment, and other materials are artificial or man-made resources. • Some of these resources are available in an ample amount, while others are facing the risk of extinction. Resources like gold, silver, coal, petroleum, natural gas are economically important. But unfortunately, they are limited in nature and going to be exhausted in the near future. Non-judicial use of limited resources and inequitable distribution of these resources further adds to the problem. • Limited availability of resources having high economic importance gives rise to many conflicts at local, regional, national, and global levels. • Rich people also exploit these resources by accumulating them which prevents the poor and vulnerable section of the society from getting access to these resources. • These conflicts can be resolved or minimized through equitable distribution of resources. • Equitable distribution of resources provides equal rights to all sections of society (rich and poor) to access these resources. It prevents the division of society and accumulation of resources in the hands of a few persons. It helps to maintain the continuous flow of resources so that everyone can get their share. • Two forces that are against equitable distribution are limited supply of resources and excessive consumption of resources by rich and greedy people. Hence, the correct answer is option (B). Note: Equitable distribution of resources is necessary for equal distribution of resources among all the members of society. Many forces are working against such distribution such as limited availability of resources to fulfill the demands of a large population and accumulation and over-consumption of resources by elite people and industrialists.

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