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why does iron do not burn even after applying tremendous heat?

why does iron do not burn even after applying tremendous heat?


4 Answers

Aiden Mathew Denny
13 Points
4 years ago
It is because iron does not react with oxygen i.e, it does not oxidise in the prescence of air hence ,it does not burn even after applying tremendous heat.
21 Points
4 years ago
Iron is a metal and one of the best property of metal is that it have a very high mealting piont. SO, iron have also a very high mealting point and it cannot burn at a very high temperature.
102 Points
4 years ago
Because the ignition temperature of iron is tremendously high so it can not burn on heating.Ignition temp is the temp at which a substance catches fire.
Akachdeep Medhi
89 Points
3 years ago
We know that a luminous flame is seen when atoms of gaseous substances burn.Although iron fillings burn but iron metal does not as oxygen cannot reach inside it.
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