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Which of the following properties of a wave , does not change in medium?
a. Frequency
b. Wavelength
c. Velocity
d. Amplitude
one month ago

Answers : (4)

Vikas TU
9163 Points
When waves travells from one medium to another medium, its frequency does not change.
So, A is the correct ans.
Hope this helps 
Good Luck 
one month ago
22809 Points
speed of light is not constant as it moves from medium to medium. When light enters a denser medium (like from air to glass) the speed and wavelength of the light wave decrease while the frequency stays the same. How much light slows down depends on the new medium's index of refraction.
Hence A is correct 
one month ago
Prakhar Pratap singh
34 Points
The correct answer is (a)  frequency .It doesn't change with medium because the number of waves never changes with any change in medium. 
one month ago
Sayantan Garai
104 Points
Frequency is due to the thing that emits or creates waves. It is not closely related to waves but it is mainly related to the ' thing' that creates it. So, change in medium affects the wave and it's properties like wavelength and velocity and amplitude but the frequency remains unchanged. 
Thus option A is correct. 
21 days ago
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  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
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