what is mitotic and miosis?

what is mitotic and miosis?


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Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
7 years ago
The process of cell division is called as cytokinesis which leads to formation of new cells in the body.Both mitosis and meiosis are associated with cytokinesis.Mitosis is the cell division which occurs in the somatic cells( cells other than sex cells) of our body which leads to general growth of our body,while meiosis is the cell division by which sex cells or gametic cells of the body divides.The end result of both process are daughter cells produced from a parent cell.The fundamental sequence of events in mitosis is the same as in meiosis (in meiosis it happens twice).In both processes there is breakdown of the nuclear membrane,the separation of genetic material into two groups,followed by cell division and the reformation of the nuclear membrane in each cells.But the processes differ in two fundamental.Meiosis has two rounds of genetic separation and cellular division while mitosis only has one of each.In meiosis each parent cell divides to form four daughter cells that are not genetically identical but in mitosis two daughter cells are formed from parent cell that are not only identical to the parent but also to each other.

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