What is an inflammable substance?

What is an inflammable substance?

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Pawan Prajapati
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one year ago
This question gives the knowledge about the inflammable substance. Inflammable substances are those substances which catch fire very easily. Their ignition temperature is very low. Complete answer: Inflammable substances are those substances which catch fire very easily and their ignition temperature is very low. Examples of inflammable substances are alcohol, petrol, liquefied petroleum gas and so forth. Inflammable is a French word which means “to set fire to”. Inflammable substances are also known as combustible or flammable substances. Inflammable substances are highly regulated and are very dangerous. Properties of inflammable substances are as follows: 1.Inflammable substances have very low flash points. 2.They are highly vulnerable to flames. 3.Inflammable substances have higher vapor pressure due to which flash point decreases and flammability increases. 4.Inflammable substances are highly combustible in nature. The most important examples of inflammable substance is coal which is generally found as sedimentary rocks and is basically used in producing heat and light. It is an organic compound which consists of carbon and hydrogen bonds. Various other examples of inflammable substances are paint thinners, fireworks, benzene, propane, zinc powder, blowtorch, butane, liquefied petroleum gas, petrol, magnesium, kerosene and so forth. Inflammable substances are hazardous to our environment as lots of materials are present in our environment which are combustible and catch fire very easily. Note: Inflammable substances are very combustible in nature which catches fire very easily. The vapor pressure of inflammable substances is very high which causes a gradual decrease in the flash point and increase in flammability.

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