What are the advantages of nuclear energy? ????????????

What are the advantages of nuclear energy? ????????????


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Harshit Singh
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2 years ago
Dear Student

The advantages of nuclear energy are:
(i) A very small amount of radioactive material can produce large amount of energy which can be controlled and converted into usable form e.g., 1 kg Uranium = 25 thousand tonnes of coal.
(ii) It does not release any smoke or harmful gases in the air. Hence it can, curbthe global warming that is caused due to green house effect.

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2 years ago
The advantages of nuclear power are:
  • One of the most low-carbon energy sources.
  • It also has one of the smallest carbon footprints.
  • It's one of the answers to the energy gap.
  • It is essential to our response to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reliable and cost-effective.

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