what are endocrine glands ? explain how their secretions reach the place of action?

what are endocrine glands ? explain how their secretions reach the place of action?


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sundar k
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5 years ago
Endocrine glands are one type among glands .
These are ductless glands (i.e) pour their secretions like hormones ,enzymes, juices directly into the blood stream rather than through duct(exocrine glands).
Examples:- pancreas, pitutary, thyroid.
ramandeep kaur
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5 years ago
Exocrine are the ductless glands. their main secretions are hormones,enzymes, juices which they secrete directly into the blood stream through which they rich their place of action. E.g pituitary,thyroid glands. other than endocrine gland there is a gland with duct namely endocrine gland . e.g liver. pancreasare heterocrine gland as they have characters of both endocrine and endocrine gland.
Mubashir ah
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5 years ago
These are those glands which have no ducts but their secretions reach the target organs through blood stream.e.g pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland etc.
Akachdeep Medhi
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5 years ago
​Endocrine glands are ductless glands that release chemicals tobring about chemical coordination in the body of an organism. These chemicals are called hormones. For eg: Thyroid gland releases thyroxine. The endocrine glands directly release hormones directly into the bloodstram thereby reaching targetted organs (places of action).
So, the blood acts as a medium for transporting the hormones from the endocrine glands to targatted areas (places of action).
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