The sun gives us ________ and ________ energy. A. Sound, light B. Heat, sound C. Heat, light D. Light, wind

The sun gives us ________ and ________ energy.
A. Sound, light
B. Heat, sound
C. Heat, light
D. Light, wind

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Pawan Prajapati
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2 years ago
Sun emits electromagnetic waves of over a wide range of wavelengths. These waves contain the infrared rays and the visible light. Complete step by step answer: Let us find the answer to this question by analysing the given options. There are four options given to us – sound, light, heat and wind. Out of these energies, we have to figure out which two of them are given by the sun. We already know that we receive heat from the sun. In the daytime, in the presence of the sun, we feel hot and at night when the sun rays do not reach us we do not feel that much heat as compared to the day time. This fact implies that we receive heat energy from the sun. Actually, the sun emits electromagnetic waves, which travel through space and reach our earth. The electromagnetic waves make up a large spectrum of different wavelengths. The waves transferring the heat belong to the infrared region of the wavelength. These waves transfer electromagnetic energy, which we fill as heat. The spectrum also contains a range of wavelengths, which we know as the visible light. We can sense these waves and are able to see things. The light contains a wide range of wavelengths, which give different colours to the things that we see. Therefore, we receive heat and light energy from the sun. Sound is a wave produced by the disturbance caused in the air by a vibrating source. The vibrating source vibrates the particles of the surrounding medium and this vibrations travels through the medium and reach our ears and vibrate are eardrums. Thus, we can hear the sound of that source. Sound waves can travel through different mediums. If there is no medium, sound waves cannot travel further. Therefore, even if the sun is a source of sound, the waves cannot reach us due the absence of a medium between the sun and the earth. Therefore, we do not receive any sound energy from the sun. Wind energy is produced by the fast moving particles due the difference in pressure in the atmosphere on earth. Therefore, the correct option is (c) heat, light. Note: Although, sun helps us by giving heat and light energy, the electromagnetic waves are also harmful to us because some waves have a very high energy, which can cause damage to life on earth. For example, UV rays emitted by the sun causes skin cancer. Due to the ozone layer, most of the rays are reflected back. Therefore, it is necessary not to harm the ozone layer.

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