State the difference between weathering and denudation.

State the difference between weathering and denudation.

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Pawan Prajapati
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2 years ago
One of them is a short term process and the other is a long time process. One has its actions only on rocks and the other on all of the earth's surface. One is caused by the action of pressure and temperature and the other by the action of volcanic and tectonic plates. Complete answer: Weathering Denudation It is a slow cycle. Denudation is a drawn-out cycle that takes a long time to happen. The weathering cycle causes the breaking down of rock. It brings about the wearing of all pieces of the Earth's surface. It is only one piece of the denudation cycle. It is weathering, disintegration and mass wasting, and can be considered as the principal phase of denudation. It is brought about by temperature changes, wind, downpour, microbes, and plants. Denudation is brought about by volcanoes, seismic tremors, and plate tectonics. Additional information: -Erosion, weathering, and mass wasting are three stages of denudation. -Weathering happens close to the outside of the Earth, and there are three essential types of weathering: natural enduring, physical, and chemical weathering. Note: Effect of weathering - many stone surfaces have little cleft on them. Water can freeze in this hole when it is cold, and afterward dissolve when the climate is hotter. This continued freezing and defrosting ice wedges, which can make rocks break.

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