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Reclamation and little leaf is caused by deficiency of A) Zn and Mo B) Cu and Zn C) Cu and B D) Mn and Cu

Reclamation and little leaf is caused by deficiency of
A) Zn and Mo
B) Cu and Zn
C) Cu and B
D) Mn and Cu

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 9723 Points
20 days ago
They are the essential micronutrients that are present in the plants and required for auxin biosynthesis, activator of carboxylases, lignin synthesis. Also essential for respiration and helps plant metabolism of proteins. Complete Answer: - Reclamation is a disorder that affects crops grown on reclaimed land which is caused by the deficiency of trace elements like copper. The main symptoms are chlorosis of leaves, distortion of plants. - Copper is an important nutrient for the plants as it helps in respiration and in photosynthesis and also required by all parts of the plants. Due to lack of copper, cereal plants, sugar beets and leguminous crops get affected. - Deficiency of Zn causes various diseases like little leaf, mottled leaf, necrosis etc. Little leaf is a disease of sweet potato which is caused by mycoplasma like organisms. The plants which get affected have small, chlorotic young leaves. - Little leaf induces the proliferation of the side shoots from leaf axils. In this, latex is also absent from cut stem or roots. Thus, the correct answer is option B. i.e. Cu and Zn. Note: Zinc and copper are the most important nutrients for the plants. Zinc is required for auxin biosynthesis whereas copper is required in photosynthesis and respiration. Zinc deficiency leads to the little leaf in which affected leaves of plants are small and have a spoon-like appearance. Copper deficiency leads to the reclamation in which leaves of plants get distorted.

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