Q : how is the weight of the body in a freely falling lift zero?

Q : how is the weight of the body in a freely falling lift zero?


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Biswajit Das
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8 years ago
A body in free fall (which by definition entails no aerodynamic forces) near the surface of the earth has an acceleration approximately equal to 9.8 m s−2with respect to a coordinate frame tied to the earth. If the body is in a freely falling lift and subject to no pushes or pulls from the lift or its contents, the acceleration with respect to the lift would be zero. Therefore, the weight of a body in a freely falling lift would be zero.
Rahul Jiji George
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8 years ago
can you please explain it in little more detail
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8 years ago
as the body goes up in a lift the acceleration is a+g and when the lift is coming down the acceleration is a-g 
here practical knowledge is required
freely falling lift meand g-g equals 0
weight equals mass time acceleration =0
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8 years ago
The weight is zero for a free falling object. You feel it, when you are in an elevator that is accelerating downwards.

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