Name three products each provided by plants and animals.

Name three products each provided by plants and animals.

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Pawan Prajapati
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Hint: We get different products from clothes to food from both plants and animals. Simple examples can be given in the form of food that we eat. For example, plant products include all vegetarian foods and animal products include non-vegetarian foods. Complete answer: The two common sources of ingredients for food are plants and animals, various ingredients of food from these two sources are as follows: Plant products are vegetables, pulses, cereals, etc. Animal products are milk, meat, egg, etc. Additional Information: 1) Different parts of the plant that can be used as food or are edible are seeds (wheat), fruits (apple), leaves (cabbage), stem (of banana), and roots (carrot). Also, there are some plants whose more than two parts are eaten as food, for example, Mustard (seed and leaves) and pumpkin (fruit and flowers 2) Animal products that we get from water sources are cod liver oil, fish, prawn, crabs, lobster, etc. Also, 3) Lotus is a plant that grows in water and its stem is eaten as food. 4) Fruits that we eat as vegetables are tomato, brinjal, ladyfinger, and cucumber. 5) Mushroom is a non-green plant that we eat. 6) Sugarcane and sugar beet are the two sugar-producing plants. 7) Plant products other than food include cotton and animal products other than food include silk, leather, etc. Note: Organisms depend on different sources of food for example Herbivores are organisms that only feed on plant products, for example, cow, deer, elephant, etc. Carnivores are organisms that feed on animals, for example, lions, lizards, etc. Omnivores are the organisms that feed on both plants and animals, for example, dogs, human beings, etc.

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