Name one warm current and one cold current.

Name one warm current and one cold current.

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Pawan Prajapati
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6 months ago
Warm current and cold current are parts of ocean current. It is related to the movement of ocean water. These ocean currents affect the local ecosystem. Complete answer: Ocean currents are defined as the continuous and directed movement of Ocean water which drive the winds, water density and tides. The Coriolis Effect which is due to the rotation of the Earth is also one of the factors which influences the ocean currents. There are two types of ocean currents, i.e. warm and cold current. Warm currents are those which flow away from the equatorial region and move towards the poles or latitudes which are on the western side of oceans basins. They bring warm waters in areas of cold water and are mainly observed in the eastern continents. The prominent example of warm currents are the North Atlantic and the Kuroshio Current. Cold currents are those which flow towards the equator and move towards the tropics or lower latitudes which are on the eastern side of ocean basins. They bring cold water into those areas where there is warm water which are mainly observed in the west coasts of the continent. The prominent example of cold current are the Labrador Ocean current and the East Greenland Current flows. Note:The Ocean are currents are also beneficial from the climate and ecology point of view like: They are responsible for affecting the temperatures throughout the world. They are home to marine species as well such as plankters, fish etc. They play an important role in the life cycle process such as the life-cycle of the European Eel.

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