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List the properties of magnetic lines of force.?????

List the properties of magnetic lines of force.?????


2 Answers

Anand Kumar Pandey
askIITians Faculty 5619 Points
2 months ago
Dear Student

Properties of magnetic field lines of force:
(i) Magnetic field lines travel from N-pole of magnet towards 5-pole, outside the magnet and from S-pole to N-pole inside the magnet.
(ii) The strength of magnet/magnetic field is given by how close the field lines are if the field lines are closer magnet is stronger.
(iii) No two magnetic field lines ever intersect each other.

100 Points
2 months ago


The magnetic lines of force has the following properties:

    1) Each line is a closed and continuous curve.
      2) They originate from the north pole and terminate at the south pole.
        3) They will never intersect each other.
          4) They are crowded near the poles where the magnetic field is strong.

            5) They affect the magnetic compass needle.

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