Internal cork of Apple/browning of Cauliflower is deficiency symptom of A) Mo B) B C) Cu D) Zn

Internal cork of Apple/browning of Cauliflower is deficiency symptom of
A) Mo
B) B
C) Cu
D) Zn

Grade:12th pass

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Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 60787 Points
2 years ago
Hint: Nutrients are very essential for the purpose of growth and development in the human body. Absences of nutrients cause some diseases. People should take sufficient amounts of nutrients to maintain their health. Complete Answer: - Browning of cauliflower is due to boron deficiency and the deficiency symptoms of boron are visible on plants externally. But they are not harmful for our body as they can easily scrape away the prominent spots with the help of a knife. - Cork spot is a physiological disorder which directly affects the fruit quality and decreases its visual appeal. Internal cork of an apple refers to formation of lesions in the internal part which occurs due to the deficiency of Boron. Boron is important as it forms the component of the cell wall. This disorder begins in June and continues throughout in the stages of growth. Symptoms of deficiency diseases: Mo: Loosening of inflorescence in cauliflower, whiptail disease and growth retardation. Cu: Blackening of potato tuber and skin splitting. B: Abscission of flowers, root nodules absence in leguminous plants. Zn: White bud, leaf malformation. The correct answer is option B. Note: Cauliflower is a vegetable which causes digestion problems. This is because the carbohydrate present in cauliflower is raffinose and the human body lacks enzymes needed to break it. - In mild cases of internal cork, there is absence of external symptoms but in some severe cases fruit becomes rough.

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