How to prepare for chemistry?

How to prepare for chemistry?


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Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
8 years ago
Chemistry is the science of chemical compounds.This stream has divided into three parts-
2.Inorganic and
In order for command over the subject i would suggest you to be very focussed form the begining.Always try to understand the various concepts clearly.Don’t crammed,instead first understand the whole concepts and then learn them.More and more formulae you should know as this will definitely help you long way.Practice the numerical problems of physical chemistry.The more you do,more you will be confident.As generally student avoid this part and then for preparing for any competitive exams they face problem.Inorganic also demands the understanding,that how the trends gets changed.Periodic table is very important if you remember the various elements,their atomic numbers etc.many questions you can easily solve.In case of organic move step by step.From nomenclature to the various types of reactions,practise more and more.If you take all the topics one by one you will understand the varoius types of questions of this part.Always remember self-study is most important.So very all the best as this will be the begining for your future.I hope the best for you.

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