Ethane, with the molecular formula C 2 H 6 has (a) 6 covalent bonds. (b) 7 covalent bonds. (c) 8 covalent bonds. (d) 9 covalent bonds.

Ethane, with the molecular formula C2H6 has
           (a) 6 covalent bonds.         (b) 7 covalent bonds.
           (c) 8 covalent bonds.         (d) 9 covalent bonds.


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Harshit Singh
askIITians Faculty 5963 Points
2 years ago
Dear Student

Option(b)is correct here.

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2 years ago
Ethane with molecular formula (C2H6)  Total : 7 covalent bonds.
In Ethane  :
6 Bonds are between : Carbon – Hydrogen (C--H)
1 bond between : Carbon- Carbon (C--C)
In this 6 hydrogen atoms will share 1-1 electrons with carbon to form 6 C-H Bonds.
2 Carbon atoms will share 1-1 electron each to form C--C Covalent bond.
In this way 7 covalent bonds will formed.
Correct option : (B) : 7 Covalent Bonds..

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