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discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a closed circulatory system

discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a closed circulatory system


2 Answers

25763 Points
3 years ago
The closed circulatory system is more efficient. Since blood circulates only inside blood vessels it can do it with more pressure reaching farther distances between the organs where hematosis happens and the peripheral tissues. In addition the circulatory speed also heightens making possible more oxygen supply to great consuming tissues, like the muscle tissues that then can perform faster movements. Animals with an open circulatory system (with the exception of insects that do gas exchange independently from the circulation) are generally slower and have a low metabolic rate.”
109 Points
3 years ago
in closed circuitory system it uses less blood for even higher and faster levels of distribution.Since oxygenated blood may reach the extremities of the body much faster than with an open system, organisms with a closed system may metabolize much faster allowing them to move digest and eliminates waste much more quickly. 

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