Differentiate between: Food chain and Food web

Differentiate between: Food chain and Food web

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Hint:In the ecosystem, all the living organisms are linked together in a systematic way. Food chain involves transfer of the energy from one organism to another whereas Food web is the network of food chains. Complete answer: Table to differentiate the food chain and food web: Food Chain Food web Food chain is defined as the process of energy transfer from producer by a series of organisms with repeated eating or being eaten. Food web is defined as the interconnected network of food chains at various trophic levels. Food chain is always straight and proceeds in straight manner Unlike food chains, food webs are never straight. The instability increases in the ecosystem by an increase in the number of different and separate food chains. It provides stability in the ecosystem. There is no alternative path of food availability It provides an alternative path of food stability. Two types of Food chain: Grazing food chain and Detritus food chain Three types of food chain: Predator chains, Parasitic chains and Saprophytic chains Ex: Grass ->Grasshopper ->Frog -> Snake -> Peacock Ex: Grass may be eaten by cattle , in the absence of cattle grass eaten by rabbit and mouse. Note:The green plants occupy the first level in the food chain known as primary producers. The energy stored by primary producers is used by plant eaters called herbivores also known as primary consumers. Primary consumers eaten by flesh eating animals known as carnivore’s also known as secondary consumers.

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