Write short notes to show what you think about: The Gutenberg Press.

Write short notes to show what you think about: The Gutenberg Press.

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Pawan Prajapati
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2 years ago
Hint: Johannes Gutenberg was a German goldsmith and inventor, credited with the invention of the movable type printing in Europe. Complete answer: The son of a merchant, Gutenberg grew up on a large agricultural estate. He had seen wine and olive presses from his childhood onwards. He subsequently learned the art of polishing stones, became a master goldsmith, and also acquired the knowledge to create lead molds used to make trinkets. Gutenberg modified existing technology to design his innovation, developing on this knowledge. The model for the printing press was provided by the olive press and molds were used for the letters of the alphabet to cast the metal types. Gutenberg had perfected the system by 1448. The Bible was the first book he printed. There were approximately 180 copies printed and it took three years to produce them. This was rapid production by the standards of the time. The Gutenberg press was the world's first printing press. In 1448, it was set up in Germany by Gutenberg. Books were written by hand before the advent of these press books and they were very expensive. So, it was not possible for poor people to afford to purchase them. The press of Gutenberg ensured that books would reach the common people. There was a long handle attached to the screw on the Gutenberg press. To turn the screw, this handle was used to press the platen down over the printing block that was placed on top of a sheet of damp paper. For each of the 26 characters of the Roman alphabet, Gutenberg developed metal types and invented a way to pass them around to compose different words in the text. Note: Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440. It was in France, Strasbourg. It is considered as the most important invention of the Modern era. Its importance lied in facts that because of this mass – production held at affordable rates.

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