Why is monsoon considered a unifying bond?

Why is monsoon considered a unifying bond?

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Pawan Prajapati
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one year ago
Hint:The word unifying bond is used in reference for monsoon because it binds the entire country together as it provides the much needed water to the agricultural activities. Every year farmers all around the country wait for the monsoon season so that their crops can get water. The water that the monsoon rain provides is for free and it saves a lot of money for the farmers. Complete Answer: - Farmers in India largely depend on the monsoon for the irrigation of crops. - They wait for the start of the monsoon for sowing their crops and also for the water. - The flora and fauna of the country are very much influenced by the monsoon. - Many Indian festivals which are known by different names around the country are related to the agricultural cycles that are decided by the monsoon. - The water from the monsoon fills up the rivers which are used by humans and animals for different purposes. - This forms a unifying bond as it binds the whole country and sets the agricultural activities in motion. Note:Lots of crops require water in abundance and most of the rivers dry up because of the summer season, the monsoon rainfall provides a breath of fresh air for the agricultural community. During the monsoon season the rivers fill up and farmers can use this water for irrigation purposes.

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