Who elects the Community Government in Belgium?

Who elects the Community Government in Belgium?

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Pawan Prajapati
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2 years ago
The Community Government refers to the government in which one person is elected from a specific religion or caste to represent the whole community. The main goal of the community government is to prevent any kind of civil conflict between different communities. Complete Step by Step answer: Belgium is a federal state which is made up of three communities and three regions. The three regions are the Walloon region, the Flemish region and the Brussels region. Brussels is the capital region. The three communities are German, Dutch and French speaking people. This is the reason why the state structure of Belgium is so complex. A community government is the one in which different social categories are given the power to control the affairs related to their community. In Belgium, the community government is elected by the electors who belong to one linguistic community for example French, German and Dutch. The community Government has the power related to educational, cultural and linguistic issues of the people of their people. Community governments are expected to work closely for the benefit of the society without ignoring any community. The citizens of Belgium elect the community government in Belgium. This government is elected by the people who belong to one linguistic community, no matter where they live. Note: While answering this type of question, first write the definition of the term asked. In the above question, first try to define the meaning of community government and describe its features, then answer the question.

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