The P2O5 is acidic in nature. Is the given statement true or false?

The P2O5 is acidic in nature. Is the given statement true or false?

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Pawan Prajapati
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one year ago
As we know that phosphorus is non-metal and we also are aware of the fact that the nature of oxides usually depends on the nature of the element which is forming the oxide. Phosphorus pentoxide is one such example and it is used to provide phosphoric acid supply. Complete step by step solution: As we know that phosphorus pentoxide is a non-metal oxide which is formed from the compound of a non-metal element that is phosphorus. We also know that non-metal containing oxides are generally acidic in nature because these non-metallic oxides react with water and always result in an acidic solution and we know that an acid basically has a low pH. Similarly, P2O5 reacts with water to form phosphoric acid and we can show this reaction with the help of the below equation shown as: P2O5+3H2O→2H3PO4 Therefore, from the above explanation we can say that the given statement is true that phosphorus pentoxide is acidic in nature because phosphorus being a non-metal forms acidic oxides like P2O5. Additional information: Phosphorus pentoxide has a limited dehydrating property as it possesses the tendency to form a protective viscous layer which inhibits the dehydration of unspent material. The desiccating property of phosphorus pentoxide helps in conversion of many mineral acids into their anhydrides such as nitric acid is converted to dinitrogen pentoxide. Note: Always remember that non-metals generally form acidic oxides and metals usually form basic oxides. Also, acidic oxides always react with water and result in the formation of an acid. Phosphorus pentoxide is acidic oxide and it is used as a desiccating and dehydrating agent because it is an anhydride of phosphoric acid.

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