sir please tell me how should i study for jee?and how much?

sir please tell me how should i study for jee?and how much?


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Rohit Sharma
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6 years ago
If you are very much determined and passionate about Jee, you should nor waste a single second. In this preparation, every second counts. There is no such time limit to study for jee, rather you should study whenever you feel like. The minimum timing for studying would be 4 hours and the maximum should be 9 hours. Remember, you should take atleast 6 hours of sleep daily as health becomes your priority while  the preparation of jee.
Now talking about, how to study for jee-
So first of all, get your basics strong, the first few months of the preparation are crucial as in this period you would build your basics and if you make your base strong, you would definitely crack jee very easily. After clearing the basics, you should practice ateast 10 quality sums of each subject daily, in order to get proper hold on a subject. If you are preparing from coaching, then you should revise the lectures on daily basis and if you are preparing on your own you should better practice quality questions of each subject everyday.
Make your favorite subject very strong and get a proper hold on it, aim to clear the jee cutoff in your favorite subject itself. Also at the end of every week, you should take a mock test which would help you to analyse your prepartion.

You need only three things to clear the examination;
1- Discipline
2- Practice
Maintaining proper discipline would help you to study for more hours, practice would make your preparation better and patience would make you even more stronger.
So just follow these things as I am sure, you would definitely clear hee with flying colours.

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