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Grade: 10
Plz solve and send solution with explanation as soon as possible. Pl try and show all steps
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Dinesh Nayak
62 Points
The answer to your question is option (A)
In the question, we see the flow of similar pattern of numbers ie- 4, 42 =16, 162=256 and so on
so to solve lets begin with the last number we have ie-65536 and as per the pattern the next number after it will be the square to this number so let us think that is no number after that (assumption to take the round figure) so taking it out of root we get twice of the previous number that is 65536 so now when we add we get two times of the number now applying square to it
                root(2 * 65536) = 256 * root 2 = 362
now as it has come out of the root we will add it to next number ie 256 + 362 = 618
now root of 618 = 24.8
this we will add to 16 and take their root we get 
                             root(16 + 24.8) = root (40.8) = 6.387
we will now add this to the next number ie-4 and then take the root of the sum
                             root(4 + 6.387) = root(10.387) = 3.22       --------- this is the answer
now when we see the available solution option (a)1 + root 5   matches
1 + root 5 = 1 + 2.23 = 3.23
hence the answer is option (a) 1 + root 5
one year ago
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