In the given figure name any five-line segments?

In the given figure name any five-line segments?

Grade:12th pass

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Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 60782 Points
one year ago
Hint: Mathematics includes the study of topics which are related to quantity, structure, space and change. For solving this problem, we are given a figure having various types of lines. Amongst given lines we are required to find any five-line segments. By observation skill we can easily reach our solution. Complete Step-by-Step solution: Mathematics is related to all the phenomena occurring in the world. One of the most important branches of mathematics is geometry. It includes the analysis of figures using simple theorems and results. The simplest type of figure studied in mathematics is a line. It can extend in both directions. When a line is fixed by specifying two endpoints, then it becomes a line segment. It has a specified length and position. By using this definition, we can easily identify five-line segments from the figure. So, the first line segment is XY. Some other line segments which are easily identifiable are MN and PQ. There are still many more line segments present in the figure but we are required to choose only two now. So, other two-line segments AP and GH. Hence, the five-line segments are XY, MN, PQ, AP and GH. Note: The key step for solving this problem is the knowledge of line segments and critical analysis of the figure. This is a direct question which can be easily solved by observation. Such questions build the confidence of students.

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