Compare and contrast bio-mass and hydroelectricity as sources of energy.

Compare and contrast bio-mass and hydroelectricity as sources of energy.

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Pawan Prajapati
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We know that plants and animal products are the sources of the fuel. Biomass and hydroelectricity are renewable sources of energy. Biomass is obtained from the dead animals and plants. Hydroelectricity is procured from the energy stored in water. Biomass is an eco-friendly way to acquire energy. Complete step by step answer: 1) Both Biomass and hydroelectricity are renewable sources of energy. 2) From the dead plants we can get the biomass whereas hydroelectricity can be obtained from the energy that is stored in water. 3) The use of biomass by burning causes air pollution but the use of hydroelectricity does not cause any pollution. 4) Biomass gives heat energy which can be used for cooking. On the other hand, hydroelectricity can run all types of electric appliances. Additional information: Bio-mass: Here the main source of fuel is plants and animal products. These fuels do not produce much heat on burning and a lot of smoke is given out when they burnt. Therefore, technological input to improve the efficiency of this fuel is very important. Cow dung, various plant materials like the residue after harvesting the crops, vegetable waste, and sewage are decomposed in the absence of oxygen is called biogas. The starting material is mainly cow-dung. Biogas is also called ‘Gobar gas’. Biogas is produced in a plant. The dome-like structure in plants is built with bricks. A slurry of cow dung and water are mixed in a tank. A sealed chamber in which there is no oxygen is called a digester. It takes a few days for the decomposition process to complete and generate gases like methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and hydrogen sulfide. Hydroelectricity: In order to produce hydroelectricity, high-rise dams are constructed on the river to obstruct the flow of water and from there we can collect water in larger reservoirs. The water level rises and in this process, the kinetic energy of the flowing water gets converted into potential energy. Note: - Sources of energy must be accessible, can be stored easily as well as easily transportable and also more economical. - The source that will get depleted some day is called non-renewable sources. And the energy source that can be regenerated is called a renewable source of energy. - Sun is the main source of energy.

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