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Take Possession of Your Original Documents in Counselling

CounsellingWhat can you do in the middle of the Counselling Procedure if an institute does not release your original documents after allotting a seat to you, which will ultimately block your chances of attending Counselling Procedures of other institutes? How will you claim your original documents immediately post verification during the Counselling Procedure?

Simple Solutions:

  • Show the concerned counselling authority this notification by UGC, which states in very strict terms that institutes should not retain original documents while counselling.

  • Register a complaint with We will do our best to instantaneously connect you with the concerned officials and compel them to return all your original documents.

  • Mail the drafted letter to UGC and the HRD Ministry on grounds of UGC guidelines violation. Mark the email to the following recipients:,,,,,, and

Those institutes that violate norms laid down by UGC may also face additional cancellation of UGC approval to the programmes they offer.

Why is this of tremendous importance?

 tremendous importanceWith Counselling Procedures beginning in several engineering, law, and medical colleges, students should be ready to be a part of multiple Counselling Procedures to find a college of their preference. This process can get complicated.

Several institutes either retain your original documents post allocation of a seat during the counselling session or set a prior condition of submitting original documents during the Counselling Procedure. This will pose a hindrance to students’ chances of exploring other admission avenues via their counselling sessions because you will not have access to your original documents to submit for verification, which is a must for all institutes during seat allocation.

This adversely affects those candidates who get multiple counselling options on the basis of their excellent performance in qualifying or entrance examinations.

What you need to know?

you need to knowThe question that arises is that are there any guidelines in place for engineering colleges with regards to this problem.

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that you neither have to submit original documents during the Counselling Procedure nor before “actual commencement of academic sessions.” This is according to the guidelines stipulated by UGC (University Grants Commission), which is the regulatory body for different Universities as well as institutes that are affiliated to such Universities.

UGC guidelines need to be mandatorily followed by both public as well as private colleges. In addition, there exist the HRD ministry (Human Resource Development) notifications and Karnataka HC (High Court) direction to all institutes in this regard.

What are the exact guidelines stipulated by UGC?

guidelinesUGC has notified all institutes that retaining original documents of students places a limit on the admission options for students; therefore, such a practice should be discontinued by institutes.

According to a UGC notification on 23rd April 2007, Universities and institutions are not allowed to retain the candidate’s School or Institution Leaving Certificate, Mark sheet, Passing Certificate, Caste Certificate, and other vital documents in original.

Despite this, if an institute makes it mandatory for students to submit original documents, you can show them the notification by UGC with regards to the stringent guidelines. The notification clearly and unambiguously orders institutes not to retain the original documents for the purpose of verification during the Counselling Procedure.

Why Now?

Why Now?The months from May to July are the time when Class 12 board exam results are declared besides several entrance examination results and conducting of various, ongoing counselling procedures. Therefore, a better option may come your way despite the fact that you have been allocated a seat during the counselling process. However, in majority of the cases, you need to carry your original documents for the verification process during counselling.

Therefore, possession of original documents in all of the counselling procedures if of supreme importance in finding your best-fit institute.

Get extra Rs. 4,200 off