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Some of the Questions in JEE Main 2015 could be Wrong

According to some experts, each question paper set of JEE Main 2015, which was conducted on April 4, 2015, carried a question with 2 correct options. As per the Answer Keys that have been released by several coaching institutes, the total number of wrong questions in JEE Main 2015 paper could go up to 3 questions in two question sets.

According to several JEE Main coaching institutes, there were 2 correct options for Set A’s question no. 15. The identical question was marked as question no. 78 in Set B of JEE Main 2015, question no. 53 in Set C, and question no. 20 in Set D of JEE Main 2015 question paper.

JEE Main 2015 Test Booklet

Question Number

Code A


Code B


Code C


Code D


In Set A of the question paper, question no. 15 had two correct options: 3 and 4. Most coaching institutes showed the same in their respective answer key. While the question paper features objective questions, experts suggested that this particular question with 2 correct answers stands automatically cancelled.

Moreover, some coaching institutes have opined that Set A had some more wrong questions. For instance, according to one Answer Key, question no. 34, too, has 2 correct answers. According to this same answer key, it is suggested that question no. 86 was incorrect, and all candidates who appeared for JEE Main 2015 should be awarded 4 bonus marks.

JEE Main 2015 features multiple-choice questions with 1 correct answer from a choice of 4 options for every question.

Evaluation of the Paper:

CBSE, which conducted JEE Main 2015, has not announced the method of evaluation for that particular question yet. However, experts are of the opinion that the evaluation will be carried out for only 89 out of the total 90 questions, excluding the incorrect question. Candidates could be awarded 4 additional marks for that question.

Candidates chose to blame CBSE for the mistake and were of the opinion that awarding four marks for the wrong question does not do justice to those candidates who spent a considerable amount of time solving that question.

Wrong Questions in AIEEE:

The question paper of AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) 2012 reportedly featured three wrong questions, which the board ultimately confirmed. One wrong question appeared in the Physics section (Question Number 17) and the other two appeared in the Mathematics section (Question Numbers 66 and 85). All 3 questions had printing errors, and students spent too much time trying to solve these questions before concluding that they were wrong.

According to some sources, only those candidates who attempt wrong question are awarded grace marks. Alternatively, the wrong questions are excluded from the total number of marks itself. These steps ensure that students are not at loss because of the errors.

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