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Chemistry Faculty For IIT JEE Main/Advanced & NEET (AIPMT)/AIIMS – Mr Prasad

S K Prasad Sir

Name: Mr Prasad
Subject: Chemistry
Years of Experience: 4 Years




A Chemistry Scholar for JEE, Alumni IIT with a teaching experience of over 3 years at different institutes in an endeavor to prepare the students for the best results, he plans to leave behind the old and conventional styles of mentoring by utilizing new pedagogical techniques.

With an immaculate ability to devise solutions to challenging problems, this genius makes the subject much more enjoyable. He says, “I have developed so many shortcuts that Chemistry now has become just like a collection of songs and poems”.


What Students say about this Teacher!!!!


Snehal Kumar

Really look forward to the classes. Very interactive and explains concepts clearly.



he is fast to class and clears all the doubt



teaches really well



Have started liking Chemistry a lot...!! Sir explains every concept with so much clarity! Now I have  started to enjoy the subject which used to be my hatest subject before!.. sir is just beyond awesome...!



Awsome.... just have begin liking chemistry so much because of  sir!!! Best Chemistry faculty!


Riti Sharma

Please dont change our chemistry faculty amd let sir continue for the rest of the session!!


Shawn Thomas

Not much, the sessions are going good, and we have completed a good fraction of the portions. Teaching is excellent, classes are fun and interesting. Hence it would be a great pleasure to keep having Sir as our chemistry tutor for this academic year. Our batch has had a great time with him, and wish that he will continue as our tutor.



everything is going on well.just wanted to raise the concern that i have not been receiving mails so as to when to start my tests..


Smruthi Shreeya B S

Sir is very interactive. Chemistry became more interesting after attending his sessions..!! He practices a lot of questions, clears all the doubts and nw chemistry has almost turned into one of my fav subjects!


Bhavya Bhadauria

I would like to mention that I am facing some problem due to the change the timings and many students of the batch Medi A1 are also going through the same. So I request you to slot the previous timings as they were appropriate for us.



Sir is the best sir in Chemistry..he teaches us so well that we have damn interest in listening to his classes...he always gives us lots of prev years ques from JEE and oyher extra numericals also..
I am really grateful to have such a good sir!!


Ayisha Manzoor

He is an excellent sir!!..I understand very well in the class...and always gives us lots of questions to practice!!


Ayisha Manzoor

The Chemistry session is quite interesting. I hope this continues throughout. Till today, I have not faced any problems during the class.


Prateek Agrawal



Aneesh D.H.

At the end of long tunnel, there is ray of hope for Chemistry classes for this batch. Earlier two faculties have done no value additions and I never felt like giving any feed back.
Believe me, I am big fan of this new faculty. Very encouraging, motivates students and instills confidence in them. Hope to see him through out the 2 year course.


Neha Gupta

He teaches very well

Message to Students

It’s not easy to crack an entrance like IIT JEE without sound knowledge of Chemistry. The subject seems so tough only because the conventional learning methods do not incorporate creativity and imagination. I believe success doesn’t come easy but through right guidance and continued hard work, it surely will.

According to students, he is best in: Physical Chemistry and Inorganic chemistry.

Course Features

  • 728 Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution