askIITians Results – 2014 : Leadership Proved Once Again

JEE Advanced 2014 441 Selections

Pulkit Goyal (AIR 52)

Goyal bagged AIR-52 in JEE Advanced 2014. Pulkit owes his achievement to askIITians. He says “I am truly grateful for the support and valuable insight gained from the teachers of askIITians.

Toppers Roll No AIR
Abhishek Bansal 7013025 132
Saksham Sharma 7011150 138
Akshit Goyal 2028052 146
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JEE Main 2014 797 Selections

Saksham Sharma (Total Marks-337)

Saksham Sharma an askIITians student bagged 337 marks in JEE Main 2014 & AIR-132 in JEE Advanced. He says “askIITians guidance was extremely helpful to me.

Toppers Roll No Total Marks
Akshit Goyal 16304109 330
Aashaka Shah 14704114 322
Saurabh Garg 14703583 322
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AIPMT 2014 298 Selections

Himalaya Agarwal (AIR-82)

Himalaya Agarwal always dreamt of becoming a renowned doctor and his sincerity ,hard labour and askIITians guidance helped him achieve AIR – 82 in AIPMT. 

Toppers Roll No AIR
Y Shourya 84213328 111
Anshika Tyagi 80814289 127
H Shravan 84215837 261


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