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askIITians Results – 2015 : Leadership Proved Once Again


JEE Advanced 2015 462 Selections

Manas Bhargava- AIR 43

Manas Bhargava, an askIITians student got AIR 43 in JEE Advanced 2015. He says “askIITians provides fabulous and fascinating educational experience through its properly designed syllabus that covers schools level and takes the student to competitive level so that he can clear his JEE exam easily.”


Toppers Roll No AIR Rank
Shubhanshu Katiyar 1031046 188
Aman Deep Singh 1042476 206
Anand P S 1001037 258
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JEE Main 2015 864 Selections

Ravi Verma (Total Marks – 321)

Ravi Verma, an askIITians student scored 321 marks in JEE Main 2015. He says “askiitians lays a strong foundation for one’s future goals and helps the student to get his grade improved.”



Toppers Roll No Total Marks
Gautam Singh 33508773 315
Siddhartha 31108043 305
Pranjal 31304782 265
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AIPMT 2015 315 Selections

Udhav Singh - AIR 92

Udhav Singh, an askIITians student got AIR 92 in AIPMT 2015. He says “Faculties at askIITians not only help the students understanding the gaps but also fill the gaps in student’s knowledge in such a way that student can clear his exam in a comfortable manner



Toppers Roll No AIR Ranks
Tarun Rana 50810866 121
Subham Sahoo 53508812 140
Niladri Bhusan Mishra 54106995 180
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