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IIT JEE 2015 Practice Paper

IIT JEE Practice Paper 2015askIITians Daily Practice Papers (DPPs) are practice sheets that our students get after a topic is covered in the class (conducted online). This synchronization of online classroom lectures and practice papers for JEE Main and Advanced helps students to learn and understand concepts better and retain them too.

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IIT Practice Papers we offer are based on latest topics or concepts covered in each subject. The results of the last year prove that they are really worth the effort students make to solve these papers.

For each subject, askIITians offers 75 IIT JEE Practice Paper – 225 DPPs in all.

DPPs Syllabus 2015

IIT Practice Papers for Chemistry are available for following topics

Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Mole Concept

Atomic Structure-I


Atomic Structure-II


Periodicity In Properties


Chemical Bonding-I


Chemical Bonding-II


Chemical Bonding-III


Gaseous State-I


Gaseous State-II


Chemical Thermodynamics-I


Chemical Thermodynamics-II










Redox Reactions






S-Block Elements


Compounds Of S-Block Elements


P-Block Elements (Gp-13 & 14)-I


P-Block Elements (Gp-13 & 14)-II


P-Block Elements (Gp-13 & 14)-III


P-Block Elements (Gp-13 & 14)-IV


Purification Of Organic Compounds


Detection of Elements & Functional Groups


General Organic Chemistry I


General Organic Chemistry II


General Organic Chemistry III


General Organic Chemistry IV


General Organic Chemistry V




Environmental Pollution


Solid State I


Solid State II


Solution I


Solution II


Solution III


Electro Chemistry


Electro Chemistry II


Electro Chemistry III


Chemical Kinetics I


Chemical Kinetics II


Surface Chemistry I


Surface Chemistry II


Nuclear Chemistry


Extraction Of Metal I


Extraction Of Metal II


P-Block Elements (Gp-15)


P-Block Elements (Gp-16)


P-Block Elements (Ga-17 & 18)


D & F-Block Elements


Inner Transition Elements


Coordination Compounds I


Coordination Compounds II


Halo Alkanes & Halo Arenes - I


Halo Alkanes & Halo Arenes - II









Aldehydes & Ketones - I


Aldehydes & Ketones - II



Carboxylic Acids & Their Derivatives




Diazonium Salts






Amino Acids & Peptides




Chemistry In Medicines


Analytical Chemistry


Volumetric Analysis





IIT Practice Papers for Physics are available for following topics

Units and Dimensions


Error Analysis


Kinematics in one dimension


Projectile Motion


Uniform Circular Motion


Relative Velocity


Newton’s law-1


Newton’s law-2


Momentum & Energy


Work, Energy & Power


Centre of mass and its motion


Elastic and inelastic collisions


Law of gravitation


Gravitational field and potential


Motion of planets and satellites


Rigid body & moment of inertia


Rotational Motion-1


Rotational Motion-2




Free, forced & damped oscillation


Elasticity and Hooke’s law


Surface tension


Pressure in fluids and Buoyancy




Bernoulli’s theorem


Progressive and Stationary waves


Vibration of strings


Speed of sound in gases


Doppler effect (in sound)


Thermal Expansion




Transmission of heat


Newton’s law of cooling


Radiation of heat and Black Body


1st Law of Thermodynamics-1


1st Law of Thermodvnamics-2

Gauss"s law and its applications


Gas laws


Kinetic Theory of gases


Coulomb"s Law


Electric field and potential






Electric current and Ohm"s law


Meter bridge and potentiometer


Grouping of resistors and cells


Kirchhoff"s law


Heating Effect of Current


Permanent magnets


Magnetic materials


Biot Savart"s and Ampere"s laws


Biot Savart"s and Ampere"s laws


Magnetic effect of current-1


Magnetic effect of current-2


Electromagnetic induction-1


Electromagnetic induction-2


Deviation and dispersion


Thin lenses


Optical instruments


Mirrors & thin lenses


Interference of light

Young"s double slit experiment


Diffraction and Polarisation of light


Atom and Bohr"s theory



Fission and fusion




Photons and Photoelectric effect




Semiconductor Electronics-1


Semiconductor Electronics-2


Semiconductor Electronics-2


Digital electronics


Communication system






IIT Practice Papers for Maths are available for following topics



Logarithms and Its Properties


Complex Number-1


Complex Number-2


Complex Number-3


Complex Number-4










Quadratic Equations & Inequations-1


Quadratic Equations & Inequations-2


Quadratic Equations & Inequations-3


Permutations and Combinations-1


Permutations and Combinations-2


Binomial Theorem-1


Binomial Theorem-2






Trigonometric Ratios, Fun and Identities-1


Trigonometric Ratios, Fun and Identities-2


Trigonometrical Equations


Properties of Triangles


Inverse trigonometric functions


Height and Distances


Mathematical Induction


Rect. Cartesian Co-ordinates-1


Rect. Cartesian Co-ordinates-2


Straight Line-1


Straight Line-2








Conic Sections-1


Conic Sections-2


Conic Sections-3


Conic Sections-4


Vector Algebra-1


Vector Algebra-2


Vector Algebra-3


Vector Algebra-4


3D-Geometry 1


3D-Geometry 2


3D-Geometry 3


3D-Geometry 4
















Applications of Derivatives-1


Applications of Derivatives-2


Applications of Derivatives-3


Applications of Derivatives-4


Applications of Derivatives-5


Indefinite Integral-1


Indefinite Integral-2


Indefinite Integral-3


Indefinite Integral-4


Definite integral-1


Definite integral-2


Application of Integrals


Differential Equations-1


Differential Equations-2


Differential Equations-3










Meas. of Cent. Tendency & DisP.-1


Mathematical Reasoning





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Important Tips

  • Practice application of Physics & Chemistry concepts to solve numerical problems,

  • Be updated about latest problem solving techniques,

  • Enhance your speed by solving one DPP a day, and

  • Identify weak areas in all the three subjects as you prepare for JEE Main & Advanced exams.

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