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IIT JEE Crash Course


This is a 278 hours program for 12th studying or 12th pass students for physics, chemistry and mathematics subject. The course emphasizes on making the students revisit the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process which makes them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts for a quantum jump in their performance in JEE (Main & Advanced). Each student has the right strategy for himself/herself for TIME MANAGEMENT to ensure optimum output.


  • 278 hours of program including All India Test Series and DRS

  • Live and interactive lectures by 90 ex-IITians faculty

  • AIR prediction by 12 Online All India Test Series with in depth analysis and instant report

  • Lecture and doubt removal of the highly important topics

  • Advance Concept Development (ACD) through Daily Practice Papers (DPPs)

  • Recordings of lectures attended by the student will be available for quick revision and backup if the student misses any classes


  • Program Flow Structure


Course Structure Plan

% Break-Up

Lectures on important segments


Problem Solving / Doubt Removal sessions


Advanced Concepts


Test, DRS, Analysis & Review



DRS with Analysis & Review


Subject wise Hour Break-Up


50 Hours


56 Hours


64 Hours

Teaching Methodology

  • The classes will focus on the important topics for JEE (Main & Advanced).

  • The course gets started in the month of October completed by February.

  • Lectures will be based 50% concept revision and 50% doubt removal.

  • Teaching will focus on important concepts and question solving. Formulae are taught through solved/unsolved examples/illustrations and derivations.

  • The Discussion part is more of interactive type and students are motivated to raise and discuss their doubts/objections to understand the concepts/fundamentals used in problem solving.

  • The faculty members follow standardized lecture notes while delivering their lecture. This helps in synchronized teaching in all the batches across the course.

  • Performance assessment through test papers formulated after analyzing the past 10 years JEE trend. 

Tests and its Features

  • Transparent and System Generated Student Report and Analysis

  • Analyses Student’s Strong and Weak Areas- Tips to improve

  • Keeps Students motivated towards their studies

  • Batch Rank and AIR* available

  • In Depth Analysis instantly after the Test- Based on Different Parameters :

a) Rank Analysis

b) Self and Overall performance analysis

c) Topic Wise Analysis

d) Difficulty Level Analysis

e) Comparison with Toppers

f) Time Based Analysis

  • Tips and Tricks for Improvement

Program & Fee




Crash Course

278 hours / 225 DPPs / 12 AITS



                                                                   Historical achievement By Any Online Academy in India

                                                                                            Through Crash Course

                                                                                       Successful Results in 2014

JEE Main

478 Selections through Crash Course

JEE Advanced

176 Selections through Crash Course

  • Teacher’s Profile


Ashish Gupta, IIT Roorkee 2006 Batch. He is having a strong base of physics from his childhood. He is having experience not only in teaching but also in industry. He is also an active member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Ashish’s teaching methodology helps the student’s specially JEE by clearing basic concepts from roots. His main subject domains are Mechanics, Thermo dynamics, Magnetism etc. He is into teaching from last 7 years and more. 

Aziz Alam, Msc in Physics from IIT Roorkee 2006 batch. Past worked with different international universities around the world like University of Glasgow UK, Macquarie University Australia and University of Ottawa Canada.

Aziz Alam is into teaching for last 7 years, his methodology comprises of depth knowledge of physics. Last year 89 out of 125 students from his batch clear JEE Advance. His main domains are Electricity, Optics, Modern Physics, and Mechanics.

Saurabh Kumar, M.Tech in Electronics, IIT-Delhi 2006 batch. He is Physics champion faculty with vast teaching experience of 7 Years. He has transformed several struggling aspirants into IITians during this period. His passion for teaching knows no bounds.

He believes that if you want to excel in your career, it is required to persistently seek and adopt innovative methods to improve the quality of education on a consistent basis. What is education? Is it book-learning? No. Is it diverse knowledge? Not even that. The training by which the current and expression of will are brought under control and become fruitful is called education.

He loves to teach Physics, especially Mechanics and Electro stats.

Students many times refer him as Bond of Mechanics and Master of Electrostatic.

Kuldeep Meena completed B.Tech from IIT Delhi 2005. He is a Physics Guru with 7 years of vast teaching experience. He wishes to bring together the traditional and unconventional ways of teaching and learning. He believes in leveraging his vast experience and knowledge by benefiting student community at large.

He says that in the new scenario of JEE, students must aim at attaining a balance between their board preparation and JEE preparation. To attain this balance one need to concentrate on their subjects and prepare their basics so that their concepts are strong. My aim is always to make their basics strong so that they can crack any competitive exam with ease.

He is best known for teaching modern Physics and Electricity and Magnetism.


Gopesh Kumar Gaurav, IIT Roorkee 2007 batch. He is known as Chemistry Guru his students due to his unique methodology of teaching. He is Teaching IIT JEE for last 6 years.


His core areas are Physical Chemistry, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry. He guides the students with depth knowledge about chemistry. Last year his 45 out of 68 students were selected in JEE Advance. 

Harishwar Reddy, IIT Roorkee 2008 batch. He is known as Chemistry Mentor by his students. He is having rich 5 years of teaching experience for JEE Exam.

His core areas are Organic, Inorganic Chemistry. His Methodology of teaching is designed for a student to clear his basic from beginning. His Teaching not only focuses the exam part but also helps students with board exams.


He generally says: Chemistry should be clear from basics. It is one of the tuff section in both medical and engineering. 

A Chemistry Scholar for JEE  from IIT-Delhi 2005, Alumni IIT with a teaching experience of over 7 years at different institutes in an endeavor to prepare the students for the best results, he plans to leave behind the old and conventional styles of mentoring by utilizing new pedagogical techniques. With an immaculate ability to devise solutions to challenging problems, this genius makes the subject much more enjoyable. He says, “I have developed so many shortcuts that Chemistry now has become just like a collection of songs and poems”.

According to him, it’s not easy to crack an entrance like JEE without sound knowledge of Chemistry. The subject seems so tough only because the conventional learning methods do not incorporate creativity and imagination. I believe success doesn’t come easy but through right guidance and continued hard work, it surely will.


Harsh Patodia, Graduated with engineering degree from IIT Roorkee 2006. After that he was with reputed organizations in teaching profile for preparing JEE aspirates for fulfilling their IIT dreams. He is having a rich 7 years of experience in coaching JEE aperients.

Harhs’sproblem solving skills and tricks helps lots of JEE aspirants not only to crack JEE but secure a good rank in JEE. His main Teaching Methodology Is designed with quick numeric solving ability. He is also a Master in Geometry, Algebra and Trigonometry. Last 41 students are among top 100 for JEE Mains and 29 among TOP 100 of Advance 

Nishant Vora, IIT-Delhi 2006 batch. He is known as Math’s Mentor by his students. Earlier AskIITians he was associated with Bosh India.
Nishant is into teaching for last 7 years. His core areas are Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, and Mathematical Reasoning. He is one of our finest in house faculties. His methodology of teaching not only preferred by students but also their parents are confident on his teaching skills. Last year 105 students out of 125 students selected in JEE advance by his mentorship.  

Yash Baheti, the Guru of Mathematics is among the best brain of India an EX IITian from IIT Roorkee.  After Graduating from IIT he joined an MNC as associate but his passion about teaching students for IIT JEE indulges him to join AskIITians to teach students on Math’s for JEE and Board Exams.

Yash is known for his teaching skills and methodology. He has a strong understanding of his student’s adaptability strength and grass ping power. He teaches with modern techniques which are designed in such a way that a student understanding is clear from its foundation.

Sunil Kumar, the Math’s Magician Post Graduated from IIT Kharagpur 2005 batch. From Childhood he is passionate with math’s tricks and tool. He regularly scores 100 out of 100 in his school as well as in board. In IIT also he was a mathematics genius referred by his friends due to his quick solving approach of different quantitative aptitude.

Being a Math’s Magician he loves to teach his juniors and aspirants of IIT JEE and different Competitive exam aspirants. From last 7 Years he have helped lots of JEE aspirants cracking JEE exams by his teaching on different wings of math’s like probability, calculus, Permutation Combination, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra etc. 89 plus students cracked JEE Advance and 128 JEE main under his guidance. Not only JEE also 7 students secured 100 out of 100 in board exams by his mentorship till date.


Price 32,000/- inclusive of all taxes. 

A Happy and Satisfied Parent appraised for JEE & Medical courses of askIITians

Mr Srinivasa Charan, father of Sree Nigamaditya Nimmagadda (Grade 10) feels proud on the success of his son in school. His message to other Parents and Students is to opt for JEE/Medical preparation classes of askIITians that builds the base of students for these competitive exams through ex-IITians.

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