Work, Energy and Power

Work, Energy and power are some of the more important topics of mechanics in classical physics.

A car moving, a rocket taking off, an aero plane flying, are a few of the events which take place regularly and can give us insight into the concept of Work and Energy. These are some of the common sense notions of work and energy - which can however be precisely defined and measured in physics.

These definitions and measurement can be used consistently to describe and predict the behavior of bodies.

Work is related to energy as they are inter-convertible and also the sums of them are conserved in Newtonian Physics. Power is a step further which defines the rate of change of energy flow.The examples based on this are very easy and can be seen even in day to day life.

The chapter is important not only because it fetches 3-4 questions in most of the engineering examination but also because it is like a linking pin to the previous and other forthcoming chapters of Mechanics.

Following Study material topics are covered under Work, Energy and Power: 


  1. Work 
  2. Kinetic Energy 
  3. Potential Energy
  4. Work Energy Theorem
  5. Motion in a Vertical Circle
  6. Power
  7. Solved Examples


Work, Energy and Power is one of the topics which you can never afford to ignore, no matter which competitive examination you are preparing for. The concepts need to be understood well as this will give a smooth entry to the next few chapters of Mechanics. This chapter is key to many of the examination including IIT JEE, AIEEE, AICET, DCE and EAMCET in particular.



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