Applications of Adsorption

Some of the applications of adsorption are as follows: 

a. Activates charcoal is used in gas masks to remove poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide, methane etc. Animal charcoal is used to remove colouring matter from sugarcane juice in the manufacture of sugar. 
b. Ion exchange resin is used to remove hardness of water. 
c. Several organic compounds are purified by chromatographic adsorption.
d. Silica gel is used for removing and controlling humidity.
e. The catalytic effect of a number of catalysts like spongy iron (in the manufacture of ammonia) and nickel, platinum or palladium (used in the reduction of unsaturated hydrocarbons is based on the principle of adsorption. 
f. Production of high vacuum. 
g. Gas masks-It is a device which consists of activated charcoal. This is used to adsorb poisonous gases. 
h. Humidity control-Silica gel and aluminium gel are used for this purpose. 
i. Removal of colouring matter from solutions-Animal charcoal is used for decolorising cane sugar. 
j. Heterogeneous catalysis 
k. Separation of inert gases by coconut charcoal 
l. Softening of hard water 
m. De-jionising of water 
n. Cleaning agents 
o. Froth floatation process 
p. Adsorption indicators 
q. Chromatographic analysis 
r. In curing diseases. 
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