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The common string is IIT!!!

Indian Institute of Technology needs no introduction either in India or abroad. Getting into IIT is like assuring yourself towards a successful life, it has been observed quiet often that people doing exceptionally well are in some way or the other connected to IIT, what is it that IIT does to every student studying.
Is it the college that turns the life of the student or is it the hidden potential of the student???
It’s nothing just the environment that unmasks the real you. Humans are very adaptable. We mould ourselves as per the situation, when we see so many people around us with big- big dreams, we start creating our own. We are highly influential and get easily carried away with the flow. Most of us like to join rather than creating something of their own, this is the point where IIT stands alone, it is a place where people like to create something of their own if two individuals follow a same theme they are looked down upon. The culture of that place is like that it truly forces you to build something different, just out of the league,


Let us go through a brief profile of the successful IITians heading giant Corporations

Rajat Gupta
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
IIT Delhi
1994, CEO of McKinsey.

He obviously is a shining example of how talent and hard work can bring up an orphaned boy from a poor family who couldn't continue studies without scholarship, to IIT and then Harvard Business School and then to the position of Managing Director at the very prestigious McKinsey and Company.

Vinod Khosla 
B. Tech in Electrical Engineering
IIT Delhi
Co founder Sun Microsoft

Grew up dreaming of being an entrepreneur, despite growing up in an Indian Army household with no business or technology connections. At the age of 16 he dreamt of starting his technology company. Upon Graduating with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, he failed, at the age of 20, to start a soy milk company in order to service many people in India who did not have refrigerators.
Later he did MBA at Stanford University; his passion for the technology finally took him to the position that is The Chairman of Sun Microsystems.

Y. C. Deveshwar
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
IIT, Delhi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ITC Ltd

Yogesh Chander Deveshwar was born on 4th February, 1947. \ in 1968. He then obtained an AMP Diploma from Harvard Business School, USA and also did a course on Advanced Training in Hoteliering and Services at Cornell University, USA. He is the person who dreamt of making ITC Limited into India's largest FMCG Company.

Nandan Nilekani
B.Tech Electrical Engineering
IIT, Mumbai
Infosys CEO and MD

He was born in Sirsi a small town in Karnataka, later moved to Bangalore after spending 12 years in Sirsi. Joined Bishop Cotton Boys School in Bangalore after completing his schooling in 1973, his hard work got him through IIT.
In the year 1978 Mr. Nilekani joined Patni Computer system where Mr. Narayana Murty was his colleague.
Like many other IItians this flame was burning in Mr. Nilekani too, i.e to create something new (true spirit of an IITian) 
In 1981 Mr. Nilekani with six other enthusiasts led by Mr. Narayana Murthy decided to start their own Company, I think we all know the name YES!!! It’s INFOSYS

Gururaj Deshpande
IIT Chennai
Chairman Sycamore Networks

Mr. Deshpande cofounded the company Sycamore in 1998, with other two MIT scientists, which is into Fiber Optic Cables, the future of internet. He feels one has to slightly crazy to be an entrepreneur and points out,” I started with a simple concept, just as oil was the most important commodity in the past 25 years, bandwidth will be the most important commodity for the next 25 years.”
Sycamore has just 200 people working with it and it competes with giants like Nortel.
Mr.Deshpande is the second richest Indian.
IITians are foresighted they never follow the usual path they believe in discovery not expansion.

The other eminent personalities from IIT would include the names of,

Chetan Bhagat, who attracted the people who were never into books, and now they fall in his fan list,

Amitav Ghosh, Nobody can describe a place, an event or a person the way he describes it.
Being successful is not tough; all it needs is the correct guidance. One cannot taste the salt by being around the sea, 
Askiitians will definitely help you Sail through the journey of success with less difficulties as each one of us has passed through that phase.


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