Q.The focal length of a biconvex lens is 10 cm.Find the radius of carvature.When we apply the formula R=2f,we get 20 cm,but if we apply the lens maker formula we get 10 cm(taking R.I.=1.5) .Please explain these contradictory results.Please help!!!


 Sunindra Kanghujam

2 years ago


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The speed of the yellow light a certain liquid is 2.4*10^8ms^-1.Find the refractive index of the liquid.
the refractive index is such that the (actual velocity )/(found velocit) thus rf=1.25 aproove by clicking yes below
rishabh 10 months ago
Reffactive index(n)= velcity of light in vaccum(C) / velocity of ligth in medium(v) n=3*10^8/2.4*10^8 n=1.25
srinu kummari 9 months ago
what is constractive interfearence?
Constructive interference is a type of interference that occurs at any location along the medium where the two interfering waves have a displacement in the same direction. In this case, both...
JUnnarkar 10 months ago
The path difference between two waves is zero, and it is integral multiple of wavelength is called constructive interfearence. In constructive interfearence amplitude willbe high due to...
Manoj 10 months ago
When two waves interfere and gives the resultant wave which has amplitude greater than the individual waves amplitude is called constructive interference.
Khandavalli Satya Srikanth 10 months ago
A bi-convex lens is formed with two thin plano-convex lenses as shown in the figure. Refractive index n of the first lens is 1.5 and that of the second lens is 1.2. Both the curved surface...
Hello Student, P=(1.5-1)(1/14-0)+(1.2-1)(0-1/(-14))=1/20 f=+20cm 1/v-1/(-40)=1/20 v=40cm Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 17 days ago
Moment of inertia is a property of a body that defines its resistance to a change in angular velocity about an axis of rotation. It is how rotation of a body is affected by Newton''s law of...
There are 2 type of Moment of inertia, 1. Mass moment of Inertia , I = ∫r 2 dm , used to see extent upto which it can resist rotational acceleration. 2. Area moment of Inertia, I = r 2...
Amar Kumar 9 months ago
There are 2 type of moment of Inertia 1. Mass moment of Inertia : I = ∫r 2 dm , used to see the rotational resistance. 2. Area moment of Inertia : I = ∫r 2 dA , used to see bending...
Amar Kumar 9 months ago
the resultant of A vector and B vector makes an angle alpha with A vector and beta with B vector ,then prove alpha is greater than beta if A
Always the resultant bends towards that vector which is higher in magnitude. If the magnitude of the vectors are the same, the resultant will make equal angles with both. But, If suppose A...
Apoorva Arora 2 days ago
A particle starts moving with acceleration 2 ms-2 . distance travelled by it in the fifth half-second is:
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 19 days ago
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