Q.The focal length of a biconvex lens is 10 cm.Find the radius of carvature.When we apply the formula R=2f,we get 20 cm,but if we apply the lens maker formula we get 10 cm(taking R.I.=1.5) .Please explain these contradictory results.Please help!!!


 Sunindra Kanghujam

2 years ago


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an equiconvex lens of glass (refractive index=1.5) of focal length 10cm is silvered on one side. it will behave like: a) concave mirror of focal length 10cm b) convex mirror of focal length...
It will behave like a concave mirror of focal length 10cm because its a convex lens if both surface have same radius. Regards, Nirmal Singh Askiitians Faculty
Nirmal Singh. 5 months ago
but the answer is concave mirror of 2.5cm. i want to know how to solve it.
vaanya 5 months ago
what is the formula for velocity in x and y direction of a point object which is not at the principal axis but a bit above from it
V image wrt mirror in y direction = f/(f-u) V object wrt mirror in y direction + h.f/(f-u)^2 V object wrt mirror in x direction velocity of image in x direction = -m^2(velocity of object in...
rishabh 11 months ago
What Is wave optics
Dear student, Some properties of light can be explained only by treating it as a wave, while others can be explained only by treating it as a particle. The phenomena that can only be...
Sumit Majumdar 9 months ago
In physics, physical optics, or wave optics, is the branch of optics which studies interference, diffraction, polarization, and other phenomena for which the ray approximation of geometric...
Vinay Gopal 10 months ago
it''s about wave discription
sridhar yelkur 9 months ago
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he is great person of rgukt in kadapa
viva 8 months ago
naidu babu
sdafsd 8 months ago
viva 8 months ago
I want these questions to be solved
You are requested to write down the problems clearly as these are not at all readable. Also, Please ask one question at a time. Thanks and Regards Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee askIITians...
Apoorva Arora 3 months ago
They are clearly sccaned and are clear. you have to wait for clearance. Also you can right click and download the image via “save image as” and view it by by zooming your computer. The...
Abhinav Saurabh 3 months ago
potential energy from opposing magnets repelling each other with a gap of 1mm?
We have to get some more parameters for that to be calculated. Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 4 months ago
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