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Q.The focal length of a biconvex lens is 10 cm.Find the radius of carvature.When we apply the formula R=2f,we get 20 cm,but if we apply the lens maker formula we get 10 cm(taking R.I.=1.5) .Please explain these contradictory results.Please help!!!


 Sunindra Kanghujam

3 years ago


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When light wave suffers reflection at the interface from air to glass, what is the change in the phase of reflected wave?
When light is reflected off a more dense medium with higher index of refraction, crests get reflected as troughs and troughs get reflected as crests. The wave is said undergo a 180 0 change...
Abhinav 3 months ago
the is a phase shift of pi radians when light reflects from glass which was initially travelling in air.
shubham sharda 3 months ago
what is Young’s double slit experiment
Dear student, This is a classic example of interference effects in light waves. Two light rays pass through two slits, separated by a distance d and strike a screen a distance, L , from the...
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
Which radiation in sunlight causes heating affect? (a) ultraviolet (b) infra-red (c) visible light (d) all of these
All of these. Heating effect depends upon absorption of any type of light . If you are able to absorb a particular type of light then that type of light has a heating effect for you.
Aziz Alam 4 months ago
Thank you sir
noogler 4 months ago
how to find volume charge density at a given point(x,y,z) in a space for a given electric field region in a elecric field E=E x i+E y j+E z k.
(1/2e 0 E 2 )/( E.r ) where r =xi+yj+zk PLZ APPROVE if usefull and in case of any doubts ask it in ans box
Nicho priyatham 2 months ago
Oooh SORRY i would like to no the solution fast this is a very good question
Nicho priyatham 2 months ago
no its its not works priyatham.its dimesionally correct.physically wrong.
suman 2 months ago
11 th class
Any Question.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
yaa ask any question in maths. i can try it .
srinivas one month ago
what is shunt
Shunt is a wire to block the resistance or to fuse the wire we use shunt resistance. An ammetershuntallows the measurement of current values too large to be directly measured by a particular...
Charchit Tailong one month ago
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