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Q.The focal length of a biconvex lens is 10 cm.Find the radius of carvature.When we apply the formula R=2f,we get 20 cm,but if we apply the lens maker formula we get 10 cm(taking R.I.=1.5) .Please explain these contradictory results.Please help!!!


 Sunindra Kanghujam

3 years ago


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what is tnerferebce?
Interference is an effect that occurs when two or more waves overlap.
Raj one year ago
In physics , interference is a phenomenon in which two waves superimpose to form a resultant wave of greater or lower amplitude . Interference usually refers to the interaction of waves...
sri one year ago
1)Super position of two or more waves is called interference. 2)Itnrerference is also called as combination of two or more choherence waves.
ashok one year ago
what is Speedometer
A speedometer is a device fitted in motor vehicles which tells the instantaneous speed (the speed at hat particular time and not the average speed)
Noire 5 days ago
A speedometer or a speed meter is a gauge that measures and displays the instantaneous speed of a vehicle. Now universally fitted to motor vehicles
Abishek arun 5 days ago
A density bottle contains 104.5 degree centigrade of a liquid at 34 degree centigrade on heating it to 100 degree centigrade the mass of the liquid expelled is 4.5gms.Then find the...
Let the density of the liquid in the density bottle be `d` Then volume of the liquid at 34degree centigrade V1=md=104.5d volume of the liquid expelled when it is heated to 100degree...
Nirmal Singh. one year ago
let the density of the liquid in the bottle be d. Given , m1=104.5gms t1=34 degree centigrade m2=m1+4.5 =104.5+4.5 =109gms t2=100degree centigrade we know that the coefficient of apparent...
sivakrishna one year ago
Let density of liquid in the liquid bottle be `d` Then volume of liquid at 34 degree centigrade v1=md=104.5d Volume of liquid expelled when it is heated to 100 degree...
Vyshnavi one year ago
Two manganin wires whose lengths are in the ratio 1:2 and whose resistance are in the ratio 1:2 are connected in series with a battery. What will be the ratio of drift velocities of free...
The equation used for solving this problem is I=neAv d The current through the two wires are same as they are connected in series connection. Now R = ρl /A => A α l/R => A 1 /A 2 =( l 1 /l...
Adarsh 16 days ago
The word hence is not there it came out as a typing mistake.
Adarsh 16 days ago
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