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Q.The focal length of a biconvex lens is 10 cm.Find the radius of carvature.When we apply the formula R=2f,we get 20 cm,but if we apply the lens maker formula we get 10 cm(taking R.I.=1.5) .Please explain these contradictory results.Please help!!!


 Sunindra Kanghujam

4 years ago


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what is dopplers effect?derive the formula for listoner at rest and source moving towards tne listoner?
A wave is an oscillation accompanied by a transfer of energy that travels through space or mass. Frequency refers to the addition of time.
pavan kalyan 2 months ago
what is wave optics?
It is a branch of optics which deals with study of light and its properties by considering light as wave.
satendra 2 months ago
It is a branch of optics which deals with study of light and its properties by considering light as wave.
Mahender 2 months ago
a ball is relased from top of a tower .the ratio of work done by foce of gravity in first, second and third second of the motion of the ball is???
first of all this is not question of modern physics it is from work , energy and power ratio is 1:3:5 , as work = force * displacement and force is same in all three that is (mg) and ratio...
ng29 6 months ago
look its quite simple a ball is released at some ht during its motion it will experience force of gravity and in the question we have to find out ratio of work done by gravity in...
ng29 6 months ago
i din’t understood the question...
mansi dabriwal 6 months ago
what is constuctive interference
constuctive interference: Is a type of interference that occurs at any location along the medium where the two interfering waves have a displacement in the same direction. In this case,...
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