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Rishab chhajer Grade: 11

how to draw vector triangle?

5 years ago

Answers : (2)

Kurma Anudeep
30 Points

Suppose 2 vectors A and B are to be added according to the triangle law of vector addition . Let us draw these two vectors.

OA vector=A vector and AB vector=B vector.

First draw a right angled triangleOAB with base as OA and perpendicular as OB. Then the resultant vector R will be the hypotenuse and it can be found out by pythagoras theorem root(A^2+B^2).

I hope u like this answer!!!!

Thank u

5 years ago
G Ashwin -
24 Points

For vector triangle.

Take two vectors with co initial points. then join their other side together to get the resultant.

eg. AB and BC be two vectors meeting at B. then resultant will be AC

4 years ago
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