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				   1.) A rigid body is rotating at 2.5 rad/sec about an axis AB,where A and B are the point (1,-2,1) and (3,-4,2).

Find the velocity of the particle P of the body at the point(5,-1,-1).

? ^ ^ ^ ? ^ ^ ^ ? ^ ^ ^
2.)If a=i+j-2k,ß=-i2j+3k, y=5i+0j+8k,
then determine the scalars c and d
? ? ?
such that y-ca-dß is perpendicular to
both a and ß.

3.)If r=a cost i +a sint j+at tan ak,then
? ?
find values of |(dr/dt)*(d²r/dt²)|
? ? ?

4.)Find the equations of the tangent plane and normol line to the surface xyz=4 at the point i+2j+2k.

5.)prove that (?*B dv= (n*B ds.
v s

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


for this problem we need a perpendicular distance from point (5,-1,-1) to the axis AB..

drs of line AB are 2i -2j +k

eq of AB can be written as

                 r = i -2j +k + k(2i -2j +k) .........................1

now find general point in this line ,then find drs of line through this point and (5,-1,-1)

since AB and this line are perpendicular so dot product of drs is 0..

now u will get value of k for find this general point and by distance formula find perpendicular

distance...let dis distance is r..

then velocity at this point=wr


5 years ago

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The dir cosines of two lines are related by l+m+n=0 & a(l)2+b(m2+c(n)2=0 the lines
Represent one in the form of other two. Then make a quadratic and frame a relationship between the other two in order to get the answer
Sourabh Singh 7 months ago
the projection of joining the points (1,2,3,)$(4,5,6,) on the plane 2a+b+c=1 is
First find the position vector with the coordinates given and then find the Dot product of vector with the unit vector of the plane. Or else you can also apply the other method where you are...
Piyush one year ago
unit vocter defination i don’t andastand pleace tell the unit vocter
Dear Sreekanth Indla, The vector which has the unit magnitude then it is called as unit vector.It plays very important roll in vectors.If you like this please approve it.Thank you.
SAI SARDAR 7 months ago
It is a vector of unit magnitude and points in a particular direction Unit vector has no units and dimension It is used to specify a direction only.
ADARSH REDDY 7 months ago
Sum of the digits of the number (10 4n2+8 +1) 2 , where n is a positive integer is ?
Hii Be it any number just calculate the total number of zeros that will precede the unit digit in the number eg 101*101 = 10201 1001 *1001 =1002001 10001*10001 = 100020001 Hence in any case...
Sourabh Singh 29 days ago
if AB=A and BA=B then which is correct a) A^2=A b) B^2=B c)A=I d) B=I? chapter matrices
Both options (a) and (b) are correct .A 2 =A & B 2 =B.
Nikhil Upadhyay one year ago
Look options a) and b) are correct showing that options c and d are also correct.see below for explaination. A 2 =A--------->A.A=A------------->A=A -1 .A(taking one of the A to right side...
Nikhil Upadhyay one year ago
Nikhil Upadhyay but why C and D not correct??? if we multiply both side by A inverse.... we will get A=I. ???
rajnish kumar one year ago
what is the maxima and minima of x-(1/x) plz ans with method thanks
Differentiate it: f(x) = x – 1/x (given) df/dx = 1 + 1/x^2 > 0 Hence it is an increasing function. The function grapgh will always increase monotonically. with slope positive. And it will...
Vikas TU 4 months ago
let Y=x-1/x upon differentiating we get dy/dx=1+1/x^2 hence dy/dx always positive then it will always increses monotonically then at x=infinity y=infinity(maxima) and x=-infinity...
swapnil 4 months ago
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