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in polygon law how can we simply add given vectors...??

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear student,

Polygon Law of Vectors

            If a number of vectors are represented as the sides of a polygon taken in order, the resultant is represented by the closing side of the polygon taken in the reverse order. In the case where number of forces act simultaneously at a point and keep it in equilibrium, this law states that, these forces can be represented as a sides of a polygon taken in order.      

Polygon Law of Vectors

     Vectors a,b,c,d,e,f are taken as the adjacent sides of the polygon; the vector shown with dashed line is taken in the reverse order to  represent the direction of the resultant ; its length is the magnitude of the resultant.


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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

5 years ago

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4th question answer pls find and give me the solution too.
The picture you have attached isnt clear can you send an another attachment or just type the question with the options
Amay chugh 19 days ago
Yes,I too agree, the pictures arent clear,the vectors cannot be read ,so please send the picture ones again
Piyush Behera 5 days ago
Please answer 4th question and give solution to...................................
4 th question is not there in this image. Kindly do upload the correct image.
Suraj Prasad 3 months ago
Using vector algebra how to prove three or four vectors are coplanar?
if three vectors are coplanar, then a vector perpendicular to first and second vector will also be perpendicular to third vector. So, A.(BXC) = 0, BXC is a vector perpendicular to B and C....
Akshay one year ago
|sinx|​÷cosx+|cosx|÷sinx how to find the period of function
I think the answer is 2pi because |sinx| period is pi and also |cosx| period is pi when we add we get 2pi
monu kumar 3 months ago
tan1*tan2*tan3*..........tan59 how claculte this qutions ans
Ans is 1 . Because every value is a complimentary pair of the other one apart from tan45. But tan 45 is 1. hence answer is 1
Sourabh Singh 2 months ago
limit x tends to 0 then what is the value of 1-cosmx/1-cosnx=
Since this of form 0/0 use L Hospital rule. Differentiating numerator and denominator it becomes (m sin mx)/ (n sin nx) This is again of form 0/0 , hence differentiating again (m 2 cos mx)/ ...
Ajay 4 months ago
(1-cosmx/1-cos nx )x(1+cos nx/ 1+cos nx)= ((1-cosmx)x (1+cos nx))/(1-cos 2 nx) 1-cosmx/1-cosnx= now rationalise tends to 0 limit x =(1+cosnx-cosmx.cosnx-cosmx)/( 1-cos 2 nx)...
DEEPTHI JANGA 7 months ago
limit x tends to zero (1-cosmx)/(1-cosnx) by dividing the euation with mx and multiply with nx then you will get =limit x tends to zero (1-cosmx)/(1-cos nx)*(nx)/(mx) on re arranging we...
SREEKANTH 4 months ago
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