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snehal mores Grade: 12
        the value of sine theta cannot be equal to a.3/2 b.10/3 c.8/3 d.17/3. please give explanation!
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

askiitians expert beniwal
16 Points

the minimum and maximum value taken by "sintheta" is -1 to 1 ,whatever be the value of "theta" we will get values between 1 and -1

here in this question we have

OPTION A --  3/2 which is greator than 1

OPTION B --- 10/3 --- greator than 1

OPTION C ---  8/3 --  again greator than 1

and OPTION D --  17/3 - which is also greator than 1 ,therefore value of "sinetheta" can not be among all 4 options


here we can also say that " range of sinetheta is from 1 to -1"

7 years ago
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