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solve for x:

sin-1(1-x) - 2sin-1x = pi/2

6 years ago


Answers : (1)



sin-1(1-x) - 2sin-1x = pi/2

sin-1(1-x)  = pi/2 + 2sin-1x

let x = sinΘ


sin-1(1-x)  = pi/2 + 2sin-1sinΘ

1-x = sin(pi/2 + 2Θ)

1-x = cos2Θ

1-x = 1-2sin2Θ

 1-x = 1-2x2


x(2x-1) =0

x=0 ,1/2

x=1/2 is not satisfying the given equation so

final solution is x=0

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Askiitians Experts

6 years ago

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Sin x / sin y = 3 and cos x / cos y = 1/2 find the value of sin 2x/sin 2y + cos 2x/cos 2y
siny=sinx/3 sin^2y=sin^2x/9 similarly, cos^y=4cos^2x then,sin^2y+cos^2y=sin^2x/9+4cos^2x 1=(sin^2x+36cos^2x)/9 9=sin^2x+36cos^2x sin^2x+36(1-sin^2x)=9 by solving sinx=27/35...
govardhan 2 months ago
Ans is 49/58 and I am not getting. Please be little more specific. Thanks in Advance And if possible show working .
Abhinav Anand 2 months ago
Write siny = sinx/3 and squaring both sides, (siny)^2 = (sinx)^2/9..............(1) (cosy)^2 = 4(cosx)^2........(2) add both of them, and equate it to 1. and solve in sinx or cosx in any of ...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Prove that TanA/secA+1 +cotA/cosecA+1= cosecA+secA-secAtanA
LHS = = = = = = = = = = = Here it should be TanA/(secA+1) + cotA/(cosecA+1) = cosecA +secA -secAcosecA Hence, Proved. THANKS
Shaswata Biswas one month ago
Prove that :-- Cos ø - Sin ø = sec 2ø- tan 2ø cos ø + Sin ø
Sec2ø-tan2ø=(1-cos2ø)/sin2ø=(cosø-sinø)^2/cos^2ø-sin^2ø=cosø-sinø/cosø+sinø(proved)you have to only remember formula
Ashutosh nayak 2 months ago
If (1/2)^x = 3 then how can we write x = -log(base 2) 3
Harsh Patodia one month ago
the variable line xcosa+ysina=2 cuts the x and y axes at A and B respectively.Find the locus of the vertex P of the rectangle OAPB,O being the origin.
Intercepts of x and y axes respectively are: 2seca and 2coseca. Let P(h,k) be the coordinates. then from rectangle property, h = 2/cosa and k = 2/sina or cosa = 2/h and sina = 2/k squaring...
Vikas TU 22 days ago
Problem 5...................................(just to reach minimum character limit)
Part (a) is simple to disprove. Just arrange the numbers 64, 63,...,57 along the diagonal in descending order (i.e. 64 in a 1,1 , 63 in a 2,2 ,..., 57 in a 8,8 ). That way there will be no...
mycroft holmes 19 days ago
Part (b) Suppose p and q are two such numbers that are interesting in row r and s resp. WLOG p>q Consider p ’ in row s and in the same col as p. Then q>p’>p which is a contradiction. Hence...
mycroft holmes 19 days ago
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